How Options Traders Are Playing Apple Stock

On Friday, June 16th, our subscribers opened their email to find my June Vertical Options Trader picks. After looking over the trades, subscribers logged into their brokerage accounts and bought call spreads on Wayfair (W). At the time, each spread cost about $286. 

By Friday, July 14th, those subscribers closed out each position for $819. However, the profit taken off the table would have been even bigger if subscribers had sized up the investment like most of our subscribers do. Five of my Wayfair call spreads delivered a whopping $2,936 profit… from just ONE trade idea… in under ONE month.

If you had bought five spreads on each trade that I released in June, you would be sitting on more than $5k in pure profit… $5,355 to be exact.

Now you have the chance to see massive gains like those for yourself, starting today… but you have to claim your spot right now! Don’t waste another second… join us right now before the next trades are released! 

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